Friday, March 11, 2011

Characters I Want to Play

Pathfinder Characters

Dwarf Bard - Inspire Courage - "Git off yer lazy butt and kill something!" It might be fun to play him with just barely enough charisma to actually cast spells.  (Or perhaps he would simply use wands for all of his casting.)

Gnome Paladin on a Riding Dog (with a Lance).  I love the idea of a little gnome riding all around the dungeon spearing things.  It might even be fun to have him be something other than a paladin, and simply lie to everyone and say that he was Lawful Good. 

I've never played a Barbarian character, but it seems like it would be fun to play one from a very civilized race.  Halfling, or half-elf.  Something you wouldn't expect to fly into a rage.

Hero System Characters

I'd like to play a mentalist at some point.  I've played a melee fighter, and it would be fun to change up and play someone who can control others minds.  I tried this long ago in Shadowrun, but it's exceedingly difficult to play a mentalist in that game that stays alive for long.

Deadlands - Hell on Earth

If Chuck Conners, my sniper ever dies, I have a Syker (psychic combat) character ready to play.  I need a backstory for him, beyond his "I saw the world end, and wandered in the remnants until now."

Other Games

I'm not currently playing any other game systems, but for a while I've thought it would be fun to play a mage character who completely kept all of his powers hidden.  He'd need a cover identity.  Maybe as an investigator exploring reports of paranormal activity.  That way he'd have a reason that weird things happened around him.

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