Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prep Time

I never know if I'm spending enough prep time as a player, or way too much.

Tomorrow is Jared's Council of Thieves campaign, and my Bard just leveled.  I had to decide on a feat, and on spells, and I really wanted to get his character sheet in a more user-friendly format (my character sheets end up getting overfilled with clutter).  So last Thursday, when Steve's Shackled City game was canceled at the last minute (life got in the way of his DMing), I took the opportunity to convert my bard to Dyslexic's Character Sheets.  Excellent sheets, BTW.  Follow the link!

I've got another game this Sunday with a newly leveled Cleric (8th level), and I have him mostly converted, though I still need a 7th level feat that I never selected.  I'm considering toughness.  But I've never taken toughness.  Then again, I've never had a character or campaign live long enough to hit 8th level.

I'm currently playing in 5 campaigns, with 6 main characters.  Pathfinder Society is one of those campaigns, and I have two active characters.  In Deadlands, and Hero System, there are no levels, so it's not a matter of leveling.  In Deadlands, occasionally I'll have an extra fate chip that I can apply to do something with - though it's been a few months since I actually had any real fate chips to spend.  And I've been waiting for a long time to try to take that character down a new career path.  It may never happen.  Anyway, there's not much to do to maintain that character.  In fact, the GM keeps the sheet, so I really don't even see it from week to week.

Hero System is a matter of figuring out what new powers I might want, and figuring out if there is a way I can make it work for that character.  As it is, that character is sort of a jack-of-all-trades, whose only real skill is to get beat up.  Again.  And Again. 

Which leaves Pathfinder for 3 separate campaigns.  Pathfinder always seems to take a lot of character maintenance.  Tracking loot, xp, gold, spells, magic items, animal companions, all of that becomes very accounting-ish.  It's easy to lose track of things.  So I'm trying those previously mentioned Dyslexic sheets.  They really look good.  And they are free.

And then there's Magic:The Gathering, which isn't an RPG, but a card game that takes a lot more work than any RPG.  I haven't made a new deck in months, and I haven't played multiplayer in several weeks.  I have deck ideas, but I never seem to have the energy/motivation to get out my huge cardboxes looking for the cards that need to go into the decks that I want to build.

So, what would be a good goal for myself in the next week?

Well, two goals.

1) take photos of miniatures that I've painted.  I almost got to the point where I could have done this, but life got in the way. 

2) Make a new magic deck.  It's *a**i** (deck choice A) or *p** (deck choice B)

I'll work on getting one or both of those goals accomplished in the next week. 

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