Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minis Minis Minis

I finally got my self together enough to take some photos of Mini's that I've painted and modified.


Vekna was a dwarf fighter/battlerager that I played in Living Forgotten Realms before that campaign died.  (YOU ARE DEAD TO ME LFR. DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!  um. anyway...)  Vekna started out on foot, but I quickly found that a mount was exceedingly good.  So he started with a riding lizard.  This is a Dungeons and Dragons Miniature (DDM) Monitor Lizard, combined with a Duergar Warrior. 
To modify the duergar, I cut off his shield, and shaped his left arm.  His right arm I cut away from the body, so it could be swung out to hold a hammer.  The large hammer the duergar is  holding was removed entirely, and the legs were cut off to that they could be remounted in a saddle riding position.  The hammer is constructed from a paper clip, some plumber's epoxy putty, and some JB Kwik wrapped as a handle.

The lizard was a simpler modification.  I rebased it onto a large base, and added a basic saddle and bridle from plumber's epoxy putty. 

Later, I discovered that if he was going to be a fighter that charged into battle, a horse would add extra damage to his charges.  So  I picked up a mounted warrior DDM and removed the human rider.  I created a saddle from epoxy putty to hold a similarly modded duergar warrior.  The flying cloak was taken from the original human rider, and merged with the duergar figure's cloak. 

And then I wanted Vekna to have a flying mount.  So I found a hippogrif DDM, and took apart yet another Duergar Warrior figure.  The glaive is made from a solid rod, again wrapped in JB Kwik, and attached to a piece of sword from a random DDM mini.  I had to carve away a bit of each wing where it meets the hippogrif body so that the legs would fit better. 

Mounted Archer

I don't even remember this character's name.  It was for Ryan's campaign, and that campaign kind of imploded upon itself, when the entire group failed some mission, and then our NPC "boss" decided to send us to a far-off land.  Which we never actually made it to before the campaign ended.

To make the mounted archer, I started with a Graycloak Ranger DDM.  I did some extensive carving of his cloak so that it wouldn't interfere with his saddle.  I also separated the left arm from the body, and pinned it parallel to the ground so that his bow would be extended at arms reach ready to shoot.

For the mount, I started with a Unicorn DDM.  I cut off the horn (and yes, I'm going to burn in some D&D Hell for that. <g>) I formed a saddle from epoxy, and completely repainted the horse.

On the Graycloak Ranger, I also added some facepaint to give him a more guerilla/covert ops feel.

The archer had an animal companion, which was supposed to be a small (or tiny) raptor.  Having nothing like this in my collection of D&D Minis, I attempted to make one. 

The bird is made from a paperclip, pulled apart to form a wingspan.  The feet and tail are a second bit of cut paperclip.  This skeleton was then covered in plumbers epoxy putty It's really really cheap compared to green stuff, and since I've never used the green stuff, I don't know what I'm missing.  You can get the epoxy I use for about $3 a tube at Walmart.  Look for the blue outer putty, with the white middle.  (I'm not sure which part if hardener and which is epoxy.)  The base is a small DDM base, with some putty covering a steel nut (for ballast).  Of course a paper clip forms the riser joining the bird to the base.

I've also taken some photos of party members in Dave's Champions game that I play in.  I'll include those in a later post.

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