Wednesday, April 20, 2011


These are chaos:
This is chaos:

But in the middle of all this chaos, is the some cool stuff.

Top left is my microcontroller board that I went through some labs to build and test and write code for.  The microcontroller is the black slab in the middle.  Below it on the breadboard is the power supply, providing both 5.0 and 3.3 volt outputs.  There's a set of LEDs on the right to provide output, and a series of switches on the left to provide input.

Below the breadboard is a "demo board".  It also has a microcontroller (tiny black chip with lots of feet near the bottom). It has a small breadboard for additional features, and it has ports for video output, mouse and keyboard input, speaker output, microphone input.  It's probably going to hold my completed project.  Either that, or the lit up board just above and to the left of it.

That is another single board microcontroller.  It currently has a single line camera connected to it, and a USB port.  It has a ethernet port that may or may not end up getting used in the project.  The green light simply means that it is getting powered.  It's getting 5 volts from the other lighted device in the photo - the small square just to the right of the demo board.  It's just a power supply, plugged into a "wall-wart" that gives it 9 volts, and that it converts to 5 volts.

There's lots of wire in the photo that is going to get used for hookups.  There's a webcam that I'm not currently using.  There's another breadboard with a couple of resistors.

Anyway, out of all this chaos I'm eventually going to have a microcontroller connected camera that measures sausage casings.  Right now I'm in learning-coding mode.


I was looking at the photo tonight, and it struck me how much it was like those "Can you spot x" drawings from the old Highlights magazines they used to have in doctor's offices.

So in that spirit:

Can you spot:

1) Acrylic glue
2) Targus memory card reader
3) 9 Volt connector
4) Drinking straw from Sonic
5) VGA Cable connector
6) Precision screwdriver
7) Mechanical pencil
8) Rubber mold of Chesterfield Agincourt Smythe
9) Gerber tool sheath
10) Parallax Basic Stamp 2pe
11) Parallax Propeller Demo Board
12) Parallax Spinneret Web Server
13) Parallax Propeller on Breadboard
14) 100 Ohm Resistor
15) Needle Nose Pliers
16) Fortune Cookie fortune 

If you click on the photo, it will give you a much larger version.

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