Monday, April 4, 2011

A Storm Rolls In

Storms seem to follow me.  I think it's me.  I've got a family tradition of coming from a long line of people who don't put up with crap, and sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) it backfires.

So I walked away from Pathfinder Society last week, and left a note on the messageboards stating so.  And my reasons for it.  And amazingly everyone understood, and sympathized with me.

Okay.  They didn't.  There was a whole lot of schadenfreude.  A whole lot of people saying that I should have known better than to cheese the rules.  Some people (I think maybe even Venture-Captains) saying that if I wanted to play a weapon wielding companion, that I should have played a summoner.  (Except the summoner did not exist as a class when I started playing Brother Elias). 

There were a couple of supportive people too, but they seem to be getting drowned out in the noise.

And there's a whole lot of people who don't actually read or know the rules before they speak.  Incredibly, this seems to include the Paizo developers, who have misstated the pathfinder rules multiple times in that thread and neighboring ones regarding what animals and companions do and don't do. 

I'm not sure what to say when the representatives of the company can't seem to be bothered to read their own rules documents before posting erroneous information. 

And that was just Pathfinder Society.

What else happened this week?  Hmm.  I found out that someone that I used to know apparently really hates me, and I'm somewhat clueless as to any actual thing I might have done.  But given the number of people that hate me, these things kind of get lost in the shuffle.

I also seem to have offended a player in one of the games I'm in, for which I'm not certain how to respond.  (Confused? I am.  But I go through a lot of life not knowing where the ground is.)

So my takeaway from this last week:

1) Not participating in Organized Play reduces frustration level.
2) Sometimes you can be hated, and not even realize it.  (See Homer Simpson/Fred Grimes)
3) I'm an offensive person, even when I'm not trying particularly hard to be. (I bet I could be an archvillain if I really put the effort in.)
4) Six day long business trips are no fun.  And I really wish that more gaming had happened over the weekend.


  1. There are days when I should just not even open my mouth. I think I will employ that knowledge more around you. I wish I had done so earlier.

  2. Naw, it's always nice to know when one is reviled.

    I just had a really long week last week, and my weekend didn't include nearly enough gaming.

  3. Well, i still like gaming with you. I look forward to thursday and having you offend my delicate sensibilities. Oh and break pathfinder and steves game with being cheesy.

  4. And I really like playing with Mr. Sarcastic. (Even though you almost make me do a spit take every game!)


  5. I, for one, do not revile you, and in fact greatly miss gaming with you and your characters, including Brother Elias, who will be sorely missed.

    Viva la Raza,