Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chesterfield Agincourt Smythe

I'm in Jared's Council of Thieves campaign.  My character is a human, slightly orc (he has tusks!) bard named Chesterfield Agincourt Smythe.  I've been using a miniature that Jared picked out, but I tend to like to have a fig that I've personalized.

I went through some of my D&D Minis, and found this Vampire Aristocrat:
I thought that with a re-paint, it would look like quite the dandy, dashing, yet mature bard.

So, here's the result of my repaint:

 I thought about how to paint his sword, and since he's 7th level, and has never actually used his sword to attack anyone or anything, I figured he would have something that might be non-function, but would look expensive.  Thus, a gold-plated sword.  Clearly masterwork!

Similarly, his cloak is white (either fur, or fine silk - not sure yet), with gold edging. 

I thought about painting the skull pink, but wasn't sure whether he would think it unmanly.  So I went with the traditional off-white.

His coat is lavender, and of course he is blond-haired, blue-eyed.

Now here's the bad part.  Somehow every time I personalize a miniature for a campaign, the campaign somehow either comes to a crashing halt, or the character dies.

The Chesterfield Agincourt Smythe deathwatch begins!

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