Monday, April 25, 2011


Someone suggested that since we don't have a good way to travel together, we should get a Zeppelin.  This is such a cool idea.  (Okay, it would be filled with ordinary air (or even have the whole interior spaces be usable space!), and have anti-grav generators to lift it.  But still!!!!) Oh, and it would need to have a teleport pad in it.

I was thinking about names, and trying to get ideas.

I come up with

The Jimmy Page
Sarcastic's Folly (goes over like a lead baloon...?)
The Fifth Dimension ("up up and away, in my beautiful balloon...")
The 100th Luftballon (Maybe Dr. Strasser would like that name.)
New Cap City (from the show)

Any ideas?

How many build points would a Zeppelin Base be?



  1. Personally, I like Swan Song, but mainly because "No Tickets" is a hard sell for the name of a mobile base.

  2. You could always wait for the UltraHippie bus =)